Storm Ciara destroys part of Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue

first_imgThe founder of the organisation, Luke Waklawec, spoke in the video, outlining the scale of the problem facing the centre: A video posted to the site illustrates the scale of the damage, showing a roof partly caved in and a cluttered and chaotic interior. Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue,based in Didcot, is now facedwith a large rebuilding job after“significant damage” partiallydestroyed the rescue centre’s‘Hedgehog Hospital’, forcingthe emergency relocation of thehedgehog population amongvolunteers. Now a new fundraiser has been launched to help with the reestablishment of the unit, as well as to give money towards the construction of “a new location”. According to the centre’s Face- book page, the total cost of the damage is £2700, as well as breaking the ‘spirits’ of volunteers. “It’s not just the structuraldamage – we have lost the ICU(intensive care unit), which wehad literally just bought, and themicroscope and cages, they arejust beyond repair. The electricsare knackered. “We’ve put countless hours,days, months and years into this– for nothing.” Mr Waklawec, writing onFacebook, also commented thatthe storm has left the hedgehoghospital “unstable and totallyunsafe to use”: Storm Ciara, which has ravagedmuch of Britain and parts ofmainland Europe over the courseof the last week, has turned itswrath upon an Oxford animalsanctuary.center_img They rescue, care and rehabilitate all sick, injured and orphaned British animals. “In the mass of destruction we have lost several vital pieces of equipment and very much possibly the building itself. “At this moment in time we areunfortunately unable to take inanymore hedgehogs until we canestablish or fix the new hospitaland replace all broken equipmentlost in the mess. The hedgehog hospital wasitself the product of a fundraisingcampaign last year. Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue is an emergency response Wildlife Rescue unit that covers the Oxfordshire area. “This is a very bitter blow forus all here at OWR as the hospitalwas nearing completion and wewere ready to move to our biggerlocation with funding saved up.This may now have to put back”. The link to donate can be found on the Facebook page by searching ‘Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue’. last_img