Raise a Glass! Five Takeaways from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Drunk History Episode

first_img from $149.00 He did not throw away his shots! Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda was the latest tipsy storyteller on Comedy Central’s Drunk History on November 29, and it was glorious: greasy foods were ordered, random Facetiming was conducted and f-bombs were dropped during the drunken retelling of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr’s duel. Here are five takeaways from the episode! 1. LMM Is Still a Genius When He’s DrunkLMM told Hamil-fans just what he drank during taping for the segment (don’t try this at home, kids). And yet, he whips out the word “Dickensian” in the first two minutes. Save for a few “Where were we?” moments, he gets through the entire story with that impeccable vocabulary (basically) intact.2. Someone Has a Potty MouthAbout that impeccable vocabulary…LMM says “motherf**ker” a lot. We’re guessing that particular curse word has to be one of his favorites since he is the one to say it to the Veep in the Hamilton score. A raised glass to you if you know which song it’s in.3. Questlove Is on Speed (Drunk) DialWho you gonna call? If you’re Lin-Manuel Miranda, and you’ve had a couple, apparently Questlove. The Roots frontman is just one of a few people Lin apparently Facetimed during the taping of the Comedy Central episode. There is even a moment when he chats with George Washington himself: Christopher Jackson.4. The Munchies Are RealWhat goes great with alcohol? Pizza and French fries with Drunk History host Derek Waters! Miranda indulges in both during his Comedy Central stint. Did you ever think you’d hear one of our lyrical masters utter “I wanna order Dominoes”? That’s not even decent NYC pizza, Lin! Oh, well. Love is love is love is pizza, right?5. “F*ck-you-itiveness”—It’s a WordMiranda shared a few interesting historical facts that don’t make it into his musical. For one, Alexander Hamilton wrote a letter about Aaron Burr that was intended to be found when Burr won the famous duel. “I don’t know if it was his genius or his “f*ck-you-itiveness,” he said of the letter. We’ll definitely add that word to the many lessons learned from this episode of Drunk History. We’re young, scrappy and thirsty, and we’ll take a history lesson from Lin-Manuel Miranda anytime. Star Files Related Shows Hamiltoncenter_img Lin-Manuel Miranda(Photo: Comedy Central) Lin-Manuel Miranda View Commentslast_img