Colombia’s Senator Córdoba Dismissed

first_imgBy Dialogo September 29, 2010 I think the Colombian government realized far too late, that you don’t need glasses to see what is right in front of your face, it was common knowledge a long time ago. This woman ought to be punished for treason against the country for her shameless statements against a country that pays her a lucrative salary, travel allowance, bodyguards and much more. Her connection to the Colombian Army was common knowledge for many decades. For me and for half of Colombia it seems that what was being conceived is a plot against a senator that isn’t corrupt, and what she does is to serve as a link between the government and FARC and as a matter of fact in one way or another she has to have connections with them and do a good job figuring out the computers but this doesn’t make her FARC as they are now on Dialogo on behalf of those kidnapped for their liberation but what the government and the politicians want is to take her out…they have achieved that…but she is a hard working woman. On the 27th of September the Colombian ATTORNEY GENERAL Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado announced the dismissal after one was carried out…He is not the ATTORNEY GENERAL he is the PROSECUTOR GENERAL and he licks Alvaro Uribe Velezs boots, look into Alejandro Ordonez Maldonado a shady character and an opportunist In regards to what they are doing to this woman; in reality what she wants is peace in Colombia. She was authorized by Congress to negotiate with FARC regarding the captives. In addition she represents the Colombian peace movement and hasn’t ruled out the payment of this obligation that in reality is full of treason and dangers by the government taking it into submission and violating its human rights. Politicians, I recommend you read the UN preamble so that this will be rich in experience for future generations internationally for Colombia. The followers of Piedad Cordoba see that the ungrateful Colombian government in designating this woman as a common criminal ridiculing her philanthropic vocation with her people. We as for mercy; mercy with this machinery full of violence against the Colombian people. That is what 75% of us Colombians were expecting…it was about time that justice acted…well done by the District Attorney’s Office and the Prosecutor. I KNOW THAT A GROUP OF PEOPLE FORMERLY KIDNAPPED BY FARC ARE GRATEFUL TO THE FORMER SENATOR, JUST AS THEY WOULD BE WITH CHAVEZ AS WELL OR IN THE PAST WITH PABLO ESCOBAR, GACHA, ETC… THAT SOMEHOW EACH BENEFITED. EVERY TERRORIST OR CRIMINAL HAS THEIR BENEFICIARIES WHICH THEY NEED AS A FRONT FOR THEIR MISDEEDS AND POLITICAL SUPPORT OR FEAR OR TO COVER UP THEIR SINS FROM GOD. BE GRATEFUL YOU HAVE NOT ENDED UP IN JAIL, THANKS TO THE WORK OR REPRESENTATION OF THE GROUP OF FIGHTERS BEFORE THE STATE OF COLOMBIA. Senator Piedad Córdoba has been dismissed from her post in the Colombian Congress and disqualified from serving in the legislative body for 18 years. Colombian Attorney General Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado announced the dismissal on September 27 after an investigation on electronic media seized during Operation “Fénix” , in which FARC leader alias “Raul Reyes” was brought down in 2008, revealed that Cordoba maintained communication with the leftist guerrilla, according to the statement released by the Colombian General Attorney’s Office. The disciplinary sanction imposed on Sen. Cordoba, will ban her from returning to Congress until 2028 for having “promoted and collaborated” with the illegal guerrilla, reported CNN International. Evidence showed the senator communicated with the terrorist group under the aliases “La Negrita,” “La Negra”, “Teodora,” and “Teodora de Bolivar”. According to investigators, Cordoba advised the guerrilla on different matters, specifically on using voice recordings instead of hostages’ videos as proof of life, reported Colombian daily El Tiempo. While investigators concluded without a doubt that Cordoba overreached her functions and authority to negotiate hostage releases, she has not been charged with treason, concluded the Attorney General. The computer links seized during the 2008 operation matched specific trips by Cordoba and were verified through channels including legal telephone taps on members of the FARC’s Libardo Garcia de Cali block and statements by Ukrainian infiltrator Viktor Tumnyuuk. Piedad Esneda Cordoba Ruiz heads the group “Colombians for Peace” to end the decades-old war between the Colombian government and the FARC.last_img