A unique interpretation center of archeological heritage is being created in Sisak

first_imgIn Sisak, the tender works for the development of the urban-architectural solution of the Interpretation Center Segestika – Siscia were presented to the public.Four works were submitted to the public competition, announced by the City of Sisak, within the prescribed deadline, and the jury declared the work of the group of authors Sara Jurinčić, Aleksandar Matijašević, Dino Mišković and Tatjana Barišić-Antolić the best. As they point out from the city of Sisak, a public tender has been announced in order to obtain a quality and the best urban and architectural solution of the Interpretation Center Segestika-Siscia, which will serve as a basis for obtaining project documentation for the arrangement and reconstruction of the Interpretation Center Segestika-Siscia.”In this way, the City of Sisak will get a unique interpretation center of archaeological heritage, unique throughout Europe, not only because the facility will be energy efficient, but because it will unite all segments, from the site research by the profession to the presentation of the same finding. . Across from the property itself, which will house the interpretation center, is one of the most valuable archaeological sites in the Republic of Croatia. All Sisak archeological treasures have not been sufficiently valorized and presented, and in this way we will solve this injustice. The city will get a new vision and new jobs, experts who will come to our city and research and deal with archeology. I am especially glad that the winning work included the Segestica chimney where there will be a lookout, we will preserve it and make something unique for the City of Sisak. Together with the Ministry of Culture, we will nominate the project for EU funds. ” the mayor of Sisak, Kristina Ikić Baniček, emphasized.The basic vision of the authors of the winning work was to bring the center closer to the users, said a member of the team, Aleksandar Matijašević from Sisak. ”Cour goal was not to make a closed building that does not communicate with the environment but to make more entrances and more independent models of use. A visitor who will come to the center will be able to see the whole building. ” said Matijasevic.The head of the Conservation Department in Sisak, Ivana Miletić Čakširan, pointed out that archeology in Sisak deserved such a project, which, as she said, is unique in that the interpretation will be done in the process of archaeological work.Parts of the city of Sisak were built directly on the ruins of Roman Siscia and prehistoric Segestika, and the archaeological significance and potential is of such scope and stratification that partial presentations were not sufficient in terms of interpretation of the rich archaeological area. Interpretation of the Segestika-Siscia archeological site in the industrial buildings of the Segestica factory complex, located within the Segestika-Siscia archeological zone, will directly interpret the remains of Roman architecture in the Archaeological Park, create a multifunctional archeological center. be open to the general public and tailored to all user groups.For the needs of the Interpretation Center, the City of Sisak has intended the building of a spirit factory, carbonic acid filling, a building for denaturing spirits and the factory chimney of Segestica, and in this way will valorize that part of the architectural heritage, and together with the Archaeological Park of St. Kvirina is a kind of museum district that will raise the quality of life in that part of Sisak.last_img