UGP: We expect the continuation of Measures to preserve jobs on a month-to-month basis for the most vulnerable

first_imgYesterday, the first protest of a wider circle of entrepreneurs was held, organized by the Association of the Voice of Entrepreneurs (UGP), demanding both clear short-term measures and long-term reforms. Regardless of the fact that they cannot change or amend the laws, the Government of the Republic of Croatia can implement all the positive ones that we have, and we have enough of them, but they are not implemented, says Hrvoje Bujas from UGP and adds: “Therefore, we ask the Governments of the Republic of Croatia and Prime Minister Plenković to complete their mandate, withdraw maximum funds from the EU (part of the proclaimed 500 billion Euros, we expect a minimum of 3-5 billion Euros), continue with Measures to preserve jobs on a monthly basis. for the most vulnerable, those whose income has fallen by more than 50%, and agree clear rules of the game with leasing companies, as well as banks (moratorium of 6-18 months with a maximum interest rate of up to 1% without fees and costs) for those whose business is threatened by COVID 19. ” Bujas points out. Due to epidemiological measures, in groups of 40, more than 500 people changed in St. Mark’s Square in a few hours. Caterers, the event industry, travel agencies and other activities related to tourism also demanded their rights to work and emergency measures.  1) why was most parafiscal levies not abolished?2) why not strive for an efficient judicial (we suggested that the first-instance verdict must be within 1 year, and the second-instance verdict within a maximum of the next 6 months)?3) why is VAT not reduced? Especially for the most vulnerable sectors?4) why is digitalisation stopped?5) What about transparency?6) why are public administration and local self-government not decreasing? Do we need over 500 municipalities and cities, 20 counties, “million” agencies and funds and 20 ministries…7) when will the state inspectorate cease to be a repressive apparatus for intimidation and nebulous punishment of entrepreneurs? Do we want more or less entrepreneurs after all? Cover photo: UGP “If they accepted all or most of our submitted proposals, Croatia would have a chance, Croatia would move forward. Because we are not interested in politics, neither left nor right, but only forward! We have said and repeated a hundred times, UGP are all parties, our members are in all parties, our members want clear and unambiguous rules of the game for all, and a government that is brave and ready to implement primordial reforms in the interest of all Croatian citizens.”Bujas pointed out and emphasized that UGP has been working since the first day in the interest of all entrepreneurs and craftsmen and our employees, and it will never stop, join us, together we are building Croatia 2.0, the Croatia we strive for.center_img Photo: UGP “The meeting was extremely constructive, we opened a dialogue and agreed to solve the problem of occasional carriers of passengers together. The Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure expects the requested money from the EU Commission, which will be intended for the transport sector. The minister said that the amount was 500 billion euros and that it would be known next week what part of that amount would be allocated to Croatia. At the next meeting, next week, we expect information on when and to which activities these funds will be available, in what amount and under what conditions. We have information, too, that measures are being taken to preserve jobs for the most vulnerable activities. Regarding leasing houses, the Government is of a clear position that the current model is not acceptable, and leasing companies will be invited to the next meeting in order to reach an agreement that would suit everyone. ” said Marko Slišković from the Occasional Passenger Transport Initiative. Despite the meeting, the protest of entrepreneurs took place because there are still many open issues related to other activities such as: Before the beginning of the protest, UGP had a meeting with three competent ministries, the Ministry of Finance, Tourism and Transport, and for the first time with all three and received clear promises and concrete solutions regarding the continuation of measures for the most vulnerable and defining problems with leasing companies.last_img