Sarabia: “The Bernabéu was not a tenth of what it looked like from the outside”

first_imgSarabia believes that “in football every day there are things to learn, things to change. We have an abysmal margin for improvement. For example, I have worked as a coach and one of the things he said to me is that you have to have the ability to adapt to a young boy who has just arrived in the first team and changes his life, that one day he is here and another day it’s in the B, because these are things that we have to work on. “On how the mini-season will be held when the League resumes, the Barça second coach clarified that “for us the physical aspect is less important than others, and that is done in the summer in preseason. Now we are analyzing everything in detail, we have reports of all the games we have left … All this that we are preparing then we have to transfer it to what we are going to find in each rival. ““I think we depend on the government, we are not a priority. Sometimes they tell you things, they tell us that they are working on different possibilities, but you don’t have certainty,” he said, referring to the health crisis, “when we come back life is not going to resume suddenly, it is going to go little by little. You have to manage it and take it in the best way. “In reference to his profession, Sarabia states that he continues “idolizing many of my players and the players that I face. That is not at odds with doing things as professionally as possible. “” I am truly privileged, I do what I like, I live from what I like. Millions of people would be changed to be where I am. The room in my parents’ house is full of posters, an entire wall with a Brazilian flag and everything around Ronaldo“he stated,” my first soccer idol was Van Basten. I have posters of Bruce Springsteen, of Marco Pantani … “.Finally, he spoke of two of the players he has coached. “Messi is the best footballer of all time and maybe the best athlete too. It is incredible in every way, the knowledge of the game he has, how he executes … it is outrageous. It is a privilege, “he declared. Of course, he also explained that”each one has to be told in a way when you correct them. We like to discuss things with footballers, to give us their opinion … “The other footballer he referred to is Joaquín, who considers that “he is a phenomenon. In his own way, he is an incredible uncle. In a locker room you always have the right word for the right time. When things go wrong, he is the first to work. Then you have that art to be funny. I told him that he is the only player in the world who can afford to do some of the things he does, “he concluded. Eder Sarabia, Barça’s second coach, spoke through an Instagram live with Álex Corretja, a former professional tennis player, to review the news.For Sarabia, his life “changed when I started in professional football, Barça is now another dimension“I am second coach of Barça and it seems like it’s milk, but I still have a lot to do,” he says.“It is different to be a soccer player than to be a coach. The soccer player has his schedule, nowadays everything is more controlled. They come to the sports city, have breakfast there, do strengthening, preventive, after training they stay in the gym, then eat …“About the coach’s work, apart from all that they have to” analyze the games, prepare videos, prepare the week … “.As for the controversy of his words on the bench of the Bernabéu, thanks to which he met Corretja, who wrote an opinion article on it, he clarifies that “It is true that what happened happened outside, but inside it was not a tenth. There are certain things that must be changed, controlled and improved as in all work. At street level I did notice that they knew me more. ““It depends on where you are, you can do some things and not others, you are speaking on behalf of a club“Sarabia explained. With the current situation, in the club” they understand that we can participate in this type of thing, there is quite a lot of misfortune with what we have to live with so that we cannot do these things. “Regarding how they are handling confinement, he stated that “These days we are working hard, preparing many things. We are very excited to be able to come back and be in the fight with themHe thinks that “you have to take advantage of this situation to get positive things. This doesn’t hurt us having come mid-season. ““From the first day this happened, the adapters prepared the plans. As we have several, each one is in charge of a group of footballers, we receive feedback. Many had the means to work at home, and the club provided material to those who did not have it. In summer vacations it is more difficult, they come from the whole season and want to disconnect, “continued the coach,”now it is different, we are all at home and training can make them disconnect and stay hopeful within the uncertainty that exists“last_img