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marked by frequent name-calling, “Yet these are the same outfits which gave extensive coverage, that are a violation of consumer protection laws.S. and this year some of the most interesting results are that sweet foods like ice cream appear to dropping though we tend to mostly like our fruit in juice form and pizza and tomatoes round out our favorite veggies We eat very little of the healthier ones like romaine lettuce or even sweet corn Chicken is outpacing beef by a longshot and yes: we still love mozzarella cheese The data also shows that we are not following the MyPlate government eating recommendations and most of our calories are coming from grain products and fats and oils Check out the graphs below for a look at the American dinner Americans are losing their sweet tooth (or are switching to other sources of non-calorie sweeteners): Mozzarella is still Americans’ favorite cheese followed by Cheddar The availability of chicken is higher than beef so we eat more of it: Potatoes and tomatoes are perhaps unsurprisingly far and away the most commonly consumed vegetables: Oranges and apples are Americans’ top fruits but mostly in juice form: Contact us at [email protected]: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones With only three episodes to go season seven of Game of Thrones is more than halfway over But considering how action-packed the first four episodes were did someone say dragon battle the people of Westeros still have a wild ride ahead of them From Daenerys landing on Dragonstone’s beaches to the Unsullied taking Casterly Rock many of the scenes featured in this season’s trailers have already aired But there are still some we’ve yet to see Here is every new Game of Thrones trailer scene still to come from this year’s previews Trailer 1: HBO 0:06: Cersei Lannister has been in the Red Keep’s new map room several times this season but not when she’s been rocking a fur Are the Queen’s winter looks somehow going to be even more fierce than her summer ones 1:00: A group of Northerners and/or Wildlings hastily retreating through a mountain pass Things are about to go south fast beyond the Wall HBO 1:05: Looks like those same soldiers realized they couldn’t outrun what was chasing them HBO 1:19: Arya Stark checking under a bed Hopefully she’s searching for Littlefinger to put an end to his scheming once and for all HBO 1:21: Jon Snow and Tormund getting the hell out of dodge We’re willing to bet these snowy action shots are all connected MORE: To stay up to date on everything Game of Thrones follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter Trailer 2: HBO 0:23: Whether or not he decides to bend the knee to Daenerys Jon is definitely making it back North HBO 0:33: Boats landing on Dragonstone have dominated this season Looks like there’s at least one more to go HBO 1:00: The Hound is about to get a real-life glimpse of the army of dead he saw in the flames HBO 1:02: Judging by this week’s promo Bran might start warging into ravens to keep an eye on the White Walkers’ progress HBO 1:03: But the Night King doesn’t appear to be too fond of his prying eyes 1:04: We can only assume Bran is going to continue to make people uncomfortable with his strange behavior Looks like Maester Wolkan may be his next victim HBO 1:07: Beric Dondarrion has already been resurrected six times Let’s hope his flaming sword keeps him from needing a seventh reprieve HBO 1:16: We haven’t seen Tormund since he agreed to take the Free Folk to guard Eastwatch-by-the-Sea in the season premiere It’s about time everyone’s favorite Wildling gets in on the action 1:21: Jon is definitely going to meet up with the Brotherhood Without Banners He’s also definitely going to have a hard time surviving this onslaught of wights 1:22: The Hound may be headed North now but looks like he’s eventually going to return to warmer regions Cleganebowl anyone There’s also a chance this could be young Ned Stark during another Tower of Joy flashback HBO 1: 24: Good thing Jon had time to mine all that dragonglass if a battle with the White Walkers is on the horizon HBO 1:26: Gendry is probably going to have some trouble adjusting to dry land after all those years he spent rowing HBO 1:27: Drogon still hasn’t come face to face with his mother’s new friend er nephew Jon Looks like that’s about to change 1:37: Sansa’s cryptic “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” voiceover doesn’t bode well for what looks like an injured and fleeing Jon HBO 1:43: This season has clearly been building toward some epic battle of ice and fire Looks like Jon will be at the center of it “Eastwatch” the fifth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season airs Aug 13 at 9 pm on HBO Write to Megan McCluskey at [email protected] The opioid crisis here and nationally has already prompted other actions. on the southwest corner of Main and Broadway,” Write to Matt Peckham at matt.4 billion for Gazaafter we physically destroyed the Gaza Strip. “The Council emphasises the need for affected States to counter-terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, I met her for the first time and spoke on a panel about revolutionizing education at the Clinton Global Initiative University.

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embassy to Jerusalem has fuelled violence on the Israel-Gaza border and he is on the defensive over an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election. such as roundabouts, supplied coke to Heller so she could then deal it to her friends along with the stolen meds."The fact that he was walking around with a hatchet in the backpack makes it clear this individual had some sense of preparation,” said Maxik. pledging that his regime would pay a "heavy price" if it carried out another chemical attack this year. which can be launched with fewer diplomatic issues than using bases in allied countries like Turkey or the United Arab Emirates. leading presidential candidates and countless others across the country voice support for a ban on any and all Syrian refugees from entering the United States, nor is it about requiring math teachers to be armed. described human beings as mere mortals.

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Olango’s sister had called the police because she said she was worried about his safety.