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The actor is already a father to three children with former wife Sunshine Cruz,stressing that staying away from politics would help sustain the dignity and respect of traditional institutions in Nigeriacom/tcDY5nZPTm Senator Harry Reid (@SenatorReid) April 7,000 unlawful immigrants while hundreds of millions of tax-paying Americans . are held hostage by Senate Democrats" White House legislative director Marc Short told reporters on Saturday "We hope Senate Democrats will yield" But the rhetoric didnt invite compromise "Its like a two-year-olds temper tantrum" Short said The White House budget director Mick Mulvaney insisted all talk of the funding lapse should be branded "Schumer Shutdown” after Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer "It has that nice little ring to it doesnt it" Mulvaney said again arguing that talks with Schumer were fruitless "At what point does it even become profitable to continue to work with someone like that" But if Republicans hope to reopen the government the White House will need to work with Schumer and his caucus where retreat was not an appealing option as Day One of the shutdown unfolded Schumers top deputy Sen Dick Durbin of Illinois briefed House Democrats on Saturday morning behind closed doors From outside cheers were audible signaling a compromise was unlikely "The President created this challenge on September 5th" Durbin told TIME outside the Capitol in the early hours of Saturday morning as he prepared to make his way home after a long night It was on Sept 5 that Trump declared an end to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA that protected many of the Dreamers "The Republican-controlled House and Senate have not produced a single bill to respond to this" an exhausted Durbin said "The President put the fates of these young people in doubt and we have a responsibility to do something to help them" That call to action was echoed throughout the day as lawmakers marveled how a program Trump backed as late as last week suddenly was the sticking point "The only way out of this is for the President to take yes for an answer" said Schumer who met with the President for 90 minutes over cheeseburgers late Friday afternoon Schumer thought he was close to an off-ramp and indicated he could convince his colleagues to give the President some of the money needed for his border wall Frantically Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell phoned the White House urging the President to stand firm against any deal shorter than four weeks and to void any hopes of compromise with Schumer He also phoned House Speaker Paul Ryan and urged him to hold the line against compromise At the White House advisers told the President that the Democrats offer was only for one year of border building not the whole costs That for the moment talked him away from dealmaker and back toward his hardline stance White House chief of staff John Kelly phoned Schumer on Friday to tell him that a short-term deal was not possible under these conditions "Negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O" Schumer fumed from the Senate floor midday Saturday "What happened to that President He backed off at the first sign of pressure" Schumer said casting the President as a choke artist a gamble that could provoke Trump Republicans continued to shove blame on the Democrats They accused their colleagues across the aisle of placing politics above the health and well-being of American children since the failed spending package contained funding for the Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which lapsed in September They rejected the notion that their own party which controls both chambers of Congress and which has failed to bring CHIP to the floor in the four months since it lapsed bore any responsibility "Bottom line this was a clean bill and it… is so obvious that they are putting the Obama legacy ahead taking care of children and supporting our troops" Republican Rep Evan Jenkins of West Virginia told TIME Speaking to reporters in the Capitol on Saturday other House Republicans held their ground Throughout this entire process the tentative progress towards an immigration deal last week; the negotiations of a spending bill after that progress collapsed these lawmakers had been the biggest hurdle to compromise Unlike their more moderate colleagues in the Senate a powerful faction of conservatives in the House is rigidly opposed to a bipartisan solution on DACA preferring instead a hardline bill that would restrict immigration and amplify domestic enforcement But when asked if her colleagues would be amenable to an immigration compromise Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington the fourth-ranking House Republican demurred "The first order of business is to get the government funded" she said "We need more time [on immigration] and that should not be used to put the country through this shutdown" There were whispers of disagreement among Republican leaders on the Hill Reports indicated McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan were not on the same page; aides to each disputed those reports strongly Yet there are limits to how much McConnell can unilaterally do Spending bills have to start in the House and its not clear Republicans in both chambers were of the same mind or where the President might be on a final compromise Ryan has a rowdy caucus to manage McConnell will need Democratic votes to reach the 60-vote threshold to fund the government and the President has proven unpredictable For his part McConnell sought a way out of the crisis that didnt hinge on the Presidents consistency He offered a possible deal to reopen the government through Feb 8 or so and fund a health insurance program for poor kids for six years in exchange for a pledge that talks will resume on an immigration deal that would protect Dreamers The three-week funding bill is a one-week reduction from the proposal that failed late Friday a difference that seemed to make no difference to Democrats especially if promises from the President were in the mix "This President just does not have a reputation for telling the truth" said Democratic Rep Maxine Waters of California As the Democrats huddled to discuss their options they looked up to see split-screen coverage of a stand-still Capitol and scores of women marching against Trumps agenda Any skittishness about the decision to shutter government melted as they saw the grassroots activists filling streets from San Diego to New York Republicans are worried they could lose their majorities in the House and maybe the Senate in this falls elections and maintaining this energy among liberal activists is crucial "All I can tell you is there are a lot of meetings going on I just came from one" Sen Angus King a Maine independent told TIME on Saturday afternoon as he walked down a hallway in the Dirksen Senate Office Building The building was quiet and seemingly empty "I dont think Id say Im optimistic but Id say that everyone wants to get to a positive result" Republicans too were clearly frustrated Against long odds Ryan had cobbled together enough votes for a one-month funding plan by promising the most conservatives lawmakers a vote on a hardline immigration plan that has little chance of clearing the House let alone find support in the Senate "We do some crazy things in Washington but this is utter madness" the Speaker said brimming with frustration He later sent that observation to his email list It echoed McConnells pre-shutdown pique Even as the government was hurtling toward running out of cash the top Republican in the Senate said he wasnt sure what it would take to get the the Presidents sign-off "Im looking for something that President Trump supports" he said "And hes not yet indicated what measure hes willing to sign" In fact some in the Presidents negotiating team told lawmakers to pitch a Homeland Security outline of immigration demands Hardliners inside the White House said the list was incomplete and the President seemed to side with them That effectively undercut Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen a close Kelly ally and sent everyone back into a chaos so familiar after a year of the Trump presidency That left many White House aides and their Republican counterparts on the brink of rage and undercutting each other in meetings "How do we win against Congress if we cant even agree among ourselves We cant even figure out what a win looks like" a frustrated White House staffer said "No one here knows how this ends" Write to Philip Elliott at [email protected] woman from that laundry detergent commercial youve seen her before in the yogurt ad And the clerk at the convenience store you hit up this morning thats right he was the guy hitting on you at the bar last week Making split-second connections like these is something your brain does well In fact according to 2008 research out of the University of California San Diego it only takes two quick fixations before we recognize the person were gazing at But when it comes to facial recognition computers have to put in a lot more work to get the answer right “Recognizing peoples faces is really easy for people to do just instinctively but it’s actually really hard for a computer" says Rob Sherman Facebooks deputy chief privacy officer Facebook uses facial recognition technology to drive its "Tag Suggestions" feature which helps the website ID you when a picture of you gets uploaded to the social network And while the feature may seem to work at the blink of an eye theres a lot more going on behind the scenes First Facebooks computers analyze your profile photo and any other picture in which you’ve been manually tagged to find similarities between the images In general theyre looking at the dimensions of your face including its shape the distance between your eyes and how far away your facial features are from one another The site may also scan for the color of your hair “Essentially what we’re looking for is the unique characteristics of this particular person" says Sherman Next once you upload a photo to Facebook the system figures out if there’s a face in the photo If there are no faces then it doesn’t make sense for Facebook to run facial recognition technology But its also important to note that Tag Suggestions doesnt get deployed for just any image of people uploaded to the social network Instead it’s only offered when the uploader and the photo’s subject(s) are already friends doppelgngers on the other side of the world remain a mystery If faces are detected in your picture Tag Suggestions whirs to life analyzing the new image and looking specifically for your distinct characteristics or those of your friends “The goal is to figure out what are the things that differentiate one persons face from another persons face" says Sherman And if the feature does detect you or your friends Facebook highlights the face and suggests to tag the image appropriately According to Sherman Facebook’s technology was designed to streamline the photo tagging experience The idea is that if youre already friends with someone on Facebook then you know what they look like (and they know what you look like too) Tag Suggestions and facial recognition just makes it quicker and easier to tag them in a picture But not everyone sees this technology as a matter of convenience some see it as an invasion of privacy For instance in Europe concerns over facial recognition technology has delayed the rollout of Moments Facebook’s new photo-sharing app Moments uses the same facial recognition technology that powers Tag Suggestions but it’s designed to help Facebook users share photos with each other For instance say you’re on vacation with your friends and you all take photos with your smartphones Moments uses facial recognition to automatically share the group members’ photos with one another That eliminates the hassle of emailing or texting images to one another after an event is over If all this talk of facial scanning and recognition has you hiding from camera lenses there’s an easier way to opt out “If people don’t want it obviously we want to make it easy for them to turn it off" says Sherman To disable Tag Suggestions on your account log into the social network and go to the Timeline and Tagging section of your settings where youll see the last question: "Who sees Tag Suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded" Click on the "Edit" link to the right and change the dropdown menu from "Friends" to "No One" Once you do that not only will the feature be disabled but the social network will remove your record from Facebooks database of similarities This will also prevent your profile from being suggested to friends when they upload images to the site But still Sherman says Facebooks records only work on its website “Even though we are deleting it it’s not really useful in any other system and that’s one of the important points" he says in the feature’s defense And besides being tagged in an image isnt necessarily a bad thing “Tagging is a really important way to communicate on Facebook and interact with one another" says Sherman When you’re tagged in photos you know those photos exist and you can be alerted to conversations happening about them Otherwise people could be talking about you behind your back or more accurately behind your face Contact us at [email protected] We cannot continue to live like this. 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