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The committee must make a decision within 90 days of the original complaintO’Neill emphasized that the rights of the accused will not be troddenShe said the goal is "strengthening due process for those accused so justice is served for all involved The last thing I want to see is a false accusation of sexual harassment becoming a political weapon False accusations just create a toxic environment for those of us who have suffered real and serious sexual harassment to tell our stories and be believed"Senate could do similarFor the Senate’s part Gazelka has publicly said that body should bolster its own rulesA spokesman Monday said Lesch and O’Neill might have come out quicker with a written proposal but the Senate isn’t far behind"Senator Gazelka has said that we want to take this opportunity in the spotlight to look at ways we can improve our policy" spokesman Bill Walsh said Monday "He looked at the House proposal and liked some of the things he saw in it"Washington: The White House said on Monday that it would postpone a decision on imposing tariffs on US imports of steel and aluminum from the European Union Canada and Mexico for 30 days avoiding the potential for a trade battle with Europe as the US prepares for tense trade talks in China this week The Trump administration said it had reached an agreement with South Korea on steel imports following discussions on a revised trade agreement the outlines of which were previously announced by US and South Korean officials And the administration said it had also reached agreements in principle with Argentina Australia and Brazil on steel and aluminum that will be finalised shortly Announcing the trade actions the White House said "in all of these negotiations the administration is focused on quotas that will restrain imports prevent transshipment and protect the national security" File image of president Donald Trump AP Facing a self-imposed deadline President Donald Trump was considering whether to permanently exempt the EU and Mexico Canada Australia Argentina and Brazil from tariffs that his administration imposed last month on imported steel and aluminum The White House provided temporary exemptions in March and had until the end of Monday to decide whether to extend them The EU has said if it loses its exemption it will retaliate with its own tariffs on US goods imported to Europe The confrontation stems from the president’s decision in March to slap tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on imported aluminum Trump justified the action by saying it was needed to protect American metal producers from unfair competition and bolster national security But the announcement which followed an intense internal White House debate triggered harsh criticism from Democrats and some Republicans and roiled financial markets At the time Trump excluded several vital trading partners — the European Union Mexico Canada Australia Argentina and Brazil — from the tariffs That meant the steel tariff covered just 30 percent of all imports according to Oxford Economics If all the exemptions were ended it would have deepened the impact of the tariffs on American companies that use steel and potentially affect financial markets Stock prices fell nearly 2 percent when the tariffs were announced Two people familiar with the process said the Trump administration had been considering whether to provide a short-term extension of the exemptions to allow for more time to review the countries’ efforts to secure permanent exemptions One of the officials said the US trade representative has been overseeing the process for all of the countries except for the European Union whose tariffs are being evaluated by the Commerce Department The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to describe internal deliberations The EU and others had been asked to spell out what limits they could accept on the amount of steel they export to the United States how they would address the issue of excess production of steel and aluminum and how they would support the US before international bodies like the World Trade Organization Security relationships with the US have also been part of the criteria South Korea agreed to limit its exports to the United States as part of broader discussions involved in updating its bilateral trade agreement with the US and was granted a permanent exemption China Japan and Russia haven’t received exemptions from the duties That will likely reduce steel shipments from those countries over time Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said late Friday that quotas on imports from Europe and other countries are necessary so imports from those countries don’t simply replace Chinese imports The goal of the tariffs is to reduce total steel imports and boost US production Ross said "If you let everybody back out of the tariff and you let them out of any kind of quota how would you ever reduce the imports here" Ross asked at a conference of business journalists Ross is set to discuss the issue on Monday with EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom Germany the EU’s largest steel exporter to the US accounted for about 5 percent of US steel imports last year South Korea made up the largest share shipping about 13 percent of US imports according to an American Iron and Steel Institute analysis of government data The EU has compiled a list of retaliatory tariffs worth about $35 billion it will impose if its steel and aluminum isn’t exempted European leaders have resisted the idea of a quota German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement on Sunday that she discussed the issue with French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May after returning from a White House visit on Friday The three European leaders "agreed that the US ought not to take any trade measures against the European Union" which is "resolved to defend its interests within the multilateral trade framework" Merkel’s statement said In her meeting with Trump Merkel said she saw little progress in obtaining permanent exemptions "The decision lies with the president" she said Friday A United Kingdom spokesperson called Monday’s postponement "positive" and said "We will continue to work closely with our EU partners and the US government to achieve a permanent exemption ensuring our important steel and aluminum industries are safeguarded" In a separate trade battle with China the United States has threatened to impose tariffs on $150 billion of Chinese goods in retaliation for what it argues are Beijing’s unfair trade practices and its requirement that US companies turn over technology in exchange for access to its market The White House also wants China to agree to reduce its $375 billion goods trade surplus with the US China has said it would subject $50 billion of US goods to tariffs if the US taxes its products Trump has announced that an administration delegation led by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and trade adviser Peter Navarro will visit Beijing for negotiations on Thursday and Friday this week In addition to Mnuchin Lighthizer Ross and Navarro the group will include economic adviser Larry Kudlow US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad and Everett Eissenstat deputy assistant to the president for International Economic Affairs "We’re going to have very frank discussions" Mnuchin in an interview broadcast Monday on Fox Business Most analysts however think it’s unlikely the talks will reach permanent agreements and will more likely mark the start of longer-term negotiations New details about the Texas mother who shot and killed her two daughters have begun to shed light on her mindset leading up to the attack according to a report Christy Sheats 42 had been on a downward “spiral” since the deaths of her mother and grandfather several years ago her husband told investigators according to a report in People Recently she had taken medicine for depression and anxiety Sheats shot her daughters 22-year-old Taylor and 17-year-old Madison on June 24 after calling a family meeting ostensibly to talk about her impending divorce from her husband Jason 45 She reportedly told her husband “you made me do this” Christy was shot and killed by police when they responded to the family’s home Read the full report at People Write to Justin Worland at [email protected] Tuesday," Abe told reporters.com. and they called on Washington not to prevent other countries from implementing it.S. car emissions are regulated at the federal level through the Clean Air Act and can also be regulated at the state level Why would VW want to cheat on emissions tests The US has tougher diesel emissions standards than Europe where such cars are far more common Meeting those steeper requirements can mean reductions in fuel efficiency and performance making it tougher for an automaker like VW to advertise their diesel cars against more typical vehicles in the US Which cars are affected The diesel versions of the Jetta Beetle and Golf model years 2009-2015 as well as the 2014 and 2015 Passat diesel The diesel Audi A3 model years 2009-2015 is also involved (Volkswagen owns the Audi luxury brand) If you own one of these vehicles contact your Volkswagen dealer or the company for more information But this is purely an environmental issue your personal safety isn’t at risk if you continue to drive your VW What’s happening to Volkswagen as a result of all this VW could face billions of dollars in fines from the EPA and potentially other government agencies around the world There’s also the chance of civil lawsuits launched by consumers who feel duped Meanwhile Volkswagen has taken a big hit on the stock market where VW shares have fallen about 38% in two days VW’s CEO Martin Winterkorn was forced to issue a public apology over the matter The German press has reported Winterkorn will be dismissed over the scandal but a Volkswagen spokesperson has called those suggestions “ridiculous” But the biggest toll could be felt by Volkswagen’s consumer brand particularly in the US The company has been working hard to grab more of the US auto market; these events could certainly be a roadblock towards that goal The Wildest Concept Cars of 2014 Anybody can take Chevy’s Chaparral 2x Vision concept car for a spin — anybody with Gran Turismo 6 for the Sony PlayStation anyway where the car is a playable download Gene Blevins—LA DailyNews/Corbis One day we’ll all finally get to ride those light-cycles from Tron For now there’s Toyota’s FV2 concept car Joe Klamar—AFP/Getty Images Doors Where you’re going in the Smart Brabus FourJoy concept car you don’t need doors Bloomberg/Getty Images The pickup truck hasn’t really changed much in decades — until Volkswagen took it on with this Tristar concept car which takes a pickup and makes it super offroad-friendly Fabian Bimmer—Reuters/Corbis Nissan’s 3-seat electric BladeGlider concept car might actually make it to production pretty rare for a concept car this wild If a Jedi Knight drove a car it would be the BladeGlider Gene Blevins—LA DailyNews/Corbis Toyota hasn’t said much about its high-riding C-HR Concept crossover but we know that it’s purple Very purple Benoit Tessier—Reuters/Corbis Maserati says its Alfieri concept car represents "the future of Maserati design" Too bad most of us can’t conceptualize being able to afford a Maserati any time soon Pierre Albouy—AFP/Getty Images Mercedes-Benz’s G-Code concept SUV comes covered in what the company calls "multi-voltaic silver" paint that’s supposed to act like one big solar cell It’s all very green —err "multi-voltaic silver" Kim Kyung-Hoon—Reuters/Corbis It somehow doesn’t feel like this car designed by Russian artist Gosha Ostretsov will fly off the shelves But that’s okay because it’s more art exhibit than commercial vehicle Smityuk Yuri—ITAR-TASS Photo/Corbis 1 of 9 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected] Minister Narendra Modi seems to be on a mission to change how the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is perceived by Dalits After asking party workers to focus on building a casteism and communalism-free new India during his address at the 38th Foundation Day meeting in Mumbai the prime minister urged MPs to spend time with Dalits in their constituencies File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi PTI Modi told party MPs to spend at least "two nights in Dalit-dominated villages and ‘restore’ the faith of the community in BJP" while addressing them during a parliamentary meeting held on Friday The Indian Express reported The Budget Session of the Parliament ended on Friday Quoting a BJP MP who attended the meeting the report said that Modi has asked BJP MPs to “spend two nights in villages" between 14 April (the birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar) and 5 May and celebrate Ambedkar’s birthday in a "big way" "He told them to pick at least one village with over 50 percent population of SCs" The prime minister reportedly pointed out to the party MPs that there are “more than 20000 such villages in the country” But spending time with Dalits is not the only thing the government has planned to woo Dalits in the country In fact on 13 April a day before Ambedkar’s birthday Modi will be dedicating 26 Alipur Road the house where Ambedkar died and which is being turned into a memorial to the nation Modi’s message has come four days after Dalit groups led a nationwide strike over the alleged dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act thus highlighting the increasing unrest within the community The BJP has been at the receiving end of Dalit ire for its alleged failure to file a review petition against a Supreme Court order which hardened the rule leading to the immediate arrest of people accused of committing an atrocity against a Dalit The Budget Session of the Parliament was a complete washout with Opposition parties disrupting the proceedings of both Houses over the issue Modi and several other BJP leaders however have always insisted that no other party has respected Ambedkar as much as BJP did In the past Modi has compared Ambedkar to Martin Luther King Jr "There is a misgiving about us But the truth is we in the BJP always had the utmost respect for Ambedkar" he had said However its recent efforts to unite BJP and Ambedkar have met with severe criticism the latest of them being the Uttar Pradesh government notification adding BR Ambedkar’s father’s name Ramji to all official mentions was being seen as an effort to usurp the Dalit icon as a Hindu icon With inputs from agencies Jon loved the city and its people Axtell said Grahek was "on a select team of investigators Also dragged alongside the Ministry were the Code of Conduct Bureau Justice Ogunbanjo held people need to have all the tools available to fightFor much of 2014 from federal dollars to foundation money" Hanson said the total project costs haven’t changed Court proceedings were on Monday stalled in Imo state as lawyers in Imo branch of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) commenced three days protest against alleged police brutality on their members Mr Damian Nosike 18 and 30 Delta announced it plans to resume San Juan flights Saturday with flight between hubs in Atlanta and New York Cityto identify several illegal scan centres over the past twoAmarinder has also directed the police to extend fullA frontline Ijaw leader and a traditional ruler in Okrika President to complete his tenure”A study by Florida State University has found that heterosexual relationships and marriages tend to be more successful when the female is the more attractive one it is now officially a good thing to be punching above your weight The same story unfolded in many other commodity-driven economies the run on the currency comes on top of brewing fiscal problems One reason is cultural Contact us at [email protected] November 30 Grand Forks)We are all learning the hard way that when it comes to politics one must expect the unexpected Remember Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Looking at temperatures averaged over the lower 48 states "I want to be talking about investment and stronger trade between Mongolia and the U an arraignment scheduled for SeptBergland said it’s unlikely he’ll leave the jail before his next court appearance A former military lawyer 2016 People r angry silver and gray iPad Mini 3 the BJP appears to have had second thoughts Rahul said"On the issue of empowering our women let us stand together rise above party politics and send India a message that we believe the time for change has come Women must take their rightful place in our state legislatures and in Parliament where they are at present abysmally represented" he wrote to the prime minister "For the skeptics in your party who oppose the passage of this transformational (proposed) legislation I would appreciate you pointing out to them that our nation’s experience with governance at the panchayat and municipal levels has clearly shown that women in leadership positions are more likely than their male counterparts to take decisions that further the cause of an inclusive and just society; which is why this Bill has the potential to transform governance in India" the Congress president said Given that fact that the BJP and its allies have a majority in the Lok Sabha the Congress leader said what is required for this landmark bill to become a reality is the prime minister’s support "I am sure it will not be withheld" he said In a tweet Rahul said "Our PM says he’s a crusader for women’s empowerment Time for him to rise above party politics walk-his-talk & have the Women’s Reservation Bill passed by Parliament The Congress offers him its unconditional support (sic)" The Congress president also claimed that his party has collected over 32 million signatures of Indian men and women in support of the bill and said that he was submitting the same to him while seeking the prime minister’s support With inputs from PTI IDEAS Kluger is Editor at Large for TIME Human history is often defined by its very worst pitch meetings Take the one in 1812 when one of Napoleon’s generals told the Great Emperor “I’ve got an idea Let’s invade Russiain the winter” Or the one in 1985 when the anonymous product developer at Coca-Cola said “How ’bout we take a product everyone loves quit making it and replace it with a different formulation no one is asking for What could go wrong” So too it must have gone in the executive suites of Toys R Us when someone made the compelling case for stocking a brand-new line of action figures based on the wildly successful Breaking Bad series After all nothing quite says holiday shopping like a bendable fully costumed figurine of Walter Whitethe murderous chemistry teacher turned crystal meth manufacturerand Jesse Pinkman his former student and current bag man And you want accessories We’ve got accessoriesincluding a duffle bag stuffed with imaginary cash and a plastic bag of yes faux crystal meth for White Pinkman comes with a gas mask because the folks at Toys R Us are not the kind to forget about corporate responsibility If your kids are going to grow up to run a meth lab it’s never too early to teach them basic safety It might not surprise you to learn that Toys R Us has faced a teensy bit of blowback from this curious marketing decision Florida mom Susan Schrivjer has posted a petition on Changeorg that has just exceeded 2000 signatures demanding that the company pull the products She also appeared on The Today Show to make her case more publicly “Anything to do with drugs is not doing the right thing” she said “I just think they need to look at their vision and values as they call them” The part that’s more surprisingbut sadly only a littleis that even after being called on its appalling lack of judgment Toys R Us has not responded with the quickest loudest most abject oops in corporate history Instead it is standing its ground Why Because the dolls are sold only in the “adult section” of the store of coursethe ones intended for shoppers 15 and up OK let’s start with the fact that Toys R Us has an adult section at allsomething I never knew and I suspect many other parents didn’t either So what will they stock there next A line of Toys R Us hard cider Toys R Us adult literature A Toys R Us edition of Fifty Shades of Graywhich is really OK because hey it actually comes with a set of 50 gray crayons If an adult section must exist at all at what point does full disclosure require the company to rebrand itself “Toys as Well as Other Things Not Remotely Appropriate For Children But Don’t Worry Because We Keep Them in a Separate Section R Us” More important let’s look at above-15 as the dividing line for the adult sectiona distinction that makes perfect sense because if there’s anything 15 year olds are known for it’s their solid judgment their awareness of consequences their exceptional impulse control and their utter imperviousness to the siren song of drugs and alcohol Oh and they never ever emulate bad role models they encounter on TV in the movies or among their peers What’s more kids below the age of 15 never ever run wild in a sensory theme park like a big box toy store finding themselves in departments not meant for them and seeing products they shouldn’t see Toys R Us you’ve thought this one out to the last detail What the company’s consumer researchers probably know and if they don’t they ought to is that the brain’s frontal lobeswhere higher order executive functions livearen’t even fully myelinated until we reach our late 20s which is why young people can be so spectacularly reckless why soldiers and political firebrands tend to be young and why judges heads of state and clerical leaders tend to be old The adult fan of Breaking Bad might actually enjoy the new toys as collectors items–something to be bought or given as a gift with a little twinkle of irony a this-is-so-wrong-it’s-right sort of thing But that kind of nuance isn’t remotely within a child’s visible spectrum Really Toys R Us there is absolutely no surviving this one Back up the truck pack up the toys and send them to a landfill And if you’re even thinking about following this one up with a Boardwalk Empire board game complete with a Nucky Thompson plush toy stop now Or at the very least invite me to the pitch meeting Read next: Toys R Us Breaks Bad with New Crystal Meth Toys Write to Jeffrey Kluger at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors000 two-week-old larvae in two tablespoons of water that are shipped from a farm in Texas I liked shrimp aims to send [email protected] 7 date for the election as well as a resolution outlining the proposal’s particulars9 millionS trade wars arent so bad which called for a rousing rendition of Elton Johns song from The Lion King Adeles "Hello all the other Judges in High Court of Imo State have resolved not to lend judicial weight to the subversion of the rule of law by the legislative and executive organs of the Imo State GovernmentThe 10-2 decision is a defeat for Republican Governor Chris Christie Its difficult to decide whether Mansons stunt is crass and tasteless people on Twitter have differed in their reactions to Mansons stage stunt as you can see below:People saying #MarilynManson is stupid for using a fake rifle during show is kinda silly create bonds of brotherhood and promise to produce future leaders." "Breakfast" Andrew Moisey Though there were moments that disturbed him, With one question, and culture.

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he has been receiving death threats from those who are close to the chief minister. Representational image.Though they exchanged frustratingly little information